A range of 4 lengths of under-cupboard light fittings designed to suit UK standard cupboard sizes.


To change the colour temperature simply turn the product on within 3 seconds of turning it off and the colour temperature will change between 3000K and 4000K. Turning the product on after more than 5 seconds of being off will restore the last set colour temperature.


Polished polycarbonate, White (RAL 9016) + Semi Translucent. High Optic-Quality Diffuser is seamlessly moulded into the body using a two-shot forming process.


The Cubi can be linked to each other, the on/off switch of the luminaire in a connected series will turn both itself and the subsequent connected lights on/off. Therefore the user does not have to turn each individual section of lighting on/off. Translucent end-caps create a seamless aesthetic when the product is illuminated, reducing unsightly shadows.

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